Liquid Argon Filling Cylinders Of Pump

Liquid Argon Filling Cylinders Of Pump

Industrial gas pumps are mainly used for air separation products:filling of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen,liquid argon,liquid carbon dioxide,air supply systems,the units are mainly single row,double row and three-row reciprocating pumps.Refer to each parameter table for specific parameters. Its...

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Product Details

A:product Description(Industrial Gas Pumps)

Industrial gas pumps are mainly used for air separation products:filling of liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid argon,liquid carbon dioxide,air supply systems,the units are mainlysingle row,double row and three-row reciprocating pumps.Refer to each parameter table for specific parameters.

Its flow is 300~5000L/H and its maximum exit pressure is 35.0mpa.An electromagnetic adjustable speed motor,or a fixed rotating speed motor,or a variable frequency and variable speed motor,or an explosion proof motor or an explosion proof variable frequency motor can be equipped as per actual requirements.

Instructions for installing units:

a.The pump inlet shall be close to the storage tank to the greatest extent.

b.From the pump to the storage tank,the liquid inlet and air return pipeline shall be kept upward sloping to make the air inside the pipeline return to he storage tank,Reverse “U-shaped”elbows are prohibited in the liquid inlet pipeline,and “U-shaped”elbows are prohibited in the air return pipeline.

c.Ball valves or brake valves shall be used for the liquid inlet pipeline and the air return pipeline.Stop valves shall not be used.Elbows shall be reduced to reduce pipeline resistance.

d.Thermal insulation shall be performed for the liquid inlet pipelines and facilitate operation,a liquid outlet/air outlet pressure interlocking device

with automatic control can be equipped.

e.After the reciprocating pump is operated for 600hours,the motor direction can be

changed to make the transmission case rotate in a reversed direction so as to enhance the service life of the transmission case.

Party B:product parameters (Cylinder Filling Pump Series)

1.Scope of application

a.Such pumps are mainly used for liquid oxygen,liquid nitrogen,liquid argon and liquefied natural gas.

b.Filling of all kinds of cylinders with light,medium and high loads.

c.Filling of all kinds of storage tanks

d.Air supply,air distribution systems.

2.Main technical parameters


b.Maximum exit pressure:16.5MPa~35.0MPa

3.Executive standard

A.JB/T 9076 Specifications for reciprocating cryogenic liquid pumps

B.GB/T 9234 Power Reciprocating Pumps

4.Optional configuration

a.Stationary motor/electromagnetic speed regulation/frequency control

b.Safety valve/cryogenic stop valve

c.Back temperature interlocking device

d.Air outer temperature interlocking device

e.Air outer pressure interlocking device

5.Performance features

a.Such pump has classic design and stable performances,its service life can

reach20 years.

b.High vacuum jacket pump head is used,and the vacuum degree reaches 10-5 torr so as to reduce cold loss.

c.Its seal is reliable,the service life of packing can each 150,000times/cylinder and service life of the piston ring is as long as 300,000 times/cylinder.

d.Maintenance is convenient,it merely takes two hours to perform a routine maintenance.

e.The pump can be continuously operated for 24 hours.



Flow range L/H

Inlet pressure Mpa

Max pressure Mpa

















































Party C:Our company


Xinxiang Chengde Global Trading Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Xinxiang Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chengde Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.) was Founded in 2002, Consists of: Xinxiang Chengde Global Trade Co., Ltd. and Xinxiang Jin Cheng Technology Co., Ltd; company is located in Industrial Park,Fengquan district,Xinxiang city,Henan province. 


Our company's main products are: cryogenic liquid storage tank, large flat cryogenic liquid storage tank, cryogenic liquid pump, air bath type vaporizer,water bath vaporizer, gas pressure regulating device and non-standard pressure vessel etc. Involved in the liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen,liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and other industrial gases equipment engineering;LNG refueling station, LNG vaporizing station complete sets of equipment engineering; recovery of carbon dioxide liquefaction projects in areas such as equipment manufacturing and installation. 


Party C:Our products pictures

As you know,We have more than 14 years of production experience,also have rich exported experience.

We supply Industrial gas(O2,N2,Ar,CO2,LNG etc) filling stations for foreign market more than10 years.

Complete gas solutions,can be provided for customers.

Of course,total package for the filling station can be done by us.

Including installation,comssioning and start-up etc.

We have agent in Vietnam, South Korea, Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan,Australia,the United States, kazakhstan,also have agent in Iran.

Cooperate with us,you need not worry about quality and after-sale Service.

You can check our products in our agent factory,we can also arrange engineer help you solve all products question.




Party D:Foreign customers visit our factory


Many foreign customers visited our factory,some customers stay in our city do filling station test,And they get good answer.


we are big factory,Our biggest advantage:


1.Quality:We guarantee the quality of our products,if you bought our products,whenever you have any question about our products,ps tell us,we will never caused products trouble for any customers.


2. Delivery time:In our factory,There more than 180 pcs tanks in stock.If customers need Conventional models products,Usually we can ship products to customers within 15 days.if your needed products we have not in stock,usually we can ship to you within 60 days.


3.After-sales service:whenever our customers have question,after we received your question,we will give you feedback within 24 hours.we can provide  installation,comssioning and start-up etc service for customers if you need.


4.Price:We are manufacturer,cooperate with us can help you save much money.Some customers do not know manufacturer,they buy products from trading company.will need more money,For new customers,We have a preferential





Party E:Our products certification  


In order to open more international market, we have got all domestic pressure vessel certification, We will get our ASME certification soon.



Party F:Our related products


We can also production these products,if you need,ps contact us dear.


Once we know your project,we can give you more better more professional suggestion.


Our factory have more than 14 years of production experience,but our engineer have more than 38 years of experience.



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