Cryogenic Chemical Liquid Storage Tank

Cryogenic Chemical Liquid Storage Tank

1.Loading medium: LO2,LN2,LAr 2.Total Volume:53.18m³ Effective Volume:50.0 m3 3.Design pressure: 0.84 MPa Working pressure: 0.8MPa 4.Overall dimension:Φ3100×12058mm 5.Outer cylinder design temperature : 60℃ Inner cylinder design temperature:-196℃ 6.Shell material:Outer jacket: Q245-R; Inner:...

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ModelWorking Pressure(MPa)Working MendiumVolume(m3)Outside Size(mm)Weight(kg)
CFL5/0.8      0.8           LOX/LN2/LAr 5φ2000*5130 3412
CFL10/0.8 10φ2100*7170 5378
CFL20/0.8 20φ2500*8760 8255
CFL30/0.830 φ2900*8960 12899
CFL50/0.850  φ3100*12060 18960
CFL100/0.8100  φ3600*17250 34480
CFL5/1.6     1.6 5 φ2000*5130 3945
CFL10/1.6 10 φ2000*7930 6787
CFL20/1.6 20 φ2400*9680 10744
CFL30/1.630  φ2700*10500 14640
CFL50/1.650  φ3000*12760 23370
CFL5/2.16      2.16     LCO2   5 φ2000*4250 4450
CFL10/2.16 10 φ2100*7130 6986
CFL20/2.1620  φ2500*8760 11328
CFL30/2.1630  φ2900*8960 17961
CFL50/2.1650  φ3200*11300 26097
CFL100/2.16100  φ3500*18250 49627





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 About  Painting

1.Face paint(finish) adopt Acrylic polyurethane or imported with shield. d. For primer 2 times,for Face paint 1 time,totally 3 times.

2.The totally thickness of paint more than 250 microns.

About Vacuum

1.Inner cylinder circulation heating and guarantee the container without any water,make sure draining.

2.Static observation,to guarantee the vacuum remains the same for one month.

3.Products using gas nitrogen test pressure ,gas nitrogen without water and oil,nitrogen can ensure that the whole process of equipment pressure testing without oil and water pollution.


About Valves

Using Chinese high quality valves,we can also provide import valves according to customers requirements.





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