Cryogenic Liquid Vacuum Storage Tank

Cryogenic Liquid Vacuum Storage Tank

Cryogenic liquid storage tank

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Equipped with one of the leading CNCD cryogenic liquid vacuum storage tank brands, it is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality CE certification cryogenic liquid vacuum storage tank. Please feel free to wholesale products from our factory and company.

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Cryogenic liquid storage tank:

VolumeM35m310m315m320 m330m350 m3100m3

Liquid oxygen storage tank
1,Adopting two-way inlet system.
2,Simple, compact and orderly layout.
3,Using duplexed safety valves and explosion-proof equipment.
4,Advanced design,reasonable pipeline system and operating system.
Our products are widely used in large-gas-consumption field such as gas industry, medical area and metal smelting as best choice for centralized gas supply. Our products have the advantages of long service life, compact structure, little occupying area, centralized control, simple operation and are mainly used in cryogenic liquid storage of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and carbon dioxide.
Matching devices:gasifier,cryogenic liquid pump,pressure reducing devices,gas convergence exhaust.
Our products have advantages of long service life,compact structure,small occupying area,centralized control and simple operation and maintenance, which are widely used in large-gas-consumption field suc h as gas industry, medical area and metal smelting. Our products are the best choice for centralized gas supply.
1,Using imported oil paint to insure better appearance and longer antiseptic life.
2,Adopting double-layer powder vacuum insulation,perfect quality assurance system,strict manufacturing process and imported key components to insure high quality.
3,Our products have compact structure of storage tank,advanced design of pipeline and procedure,simpler and safer operation and maintenance,which insure safety and reliability.
4,Our products use perlite of high quality,helium mass spectrum leak detection by overall cryogenic storage tank to insure good heat insulation,little evaporation loss and long service life.
5,Two kinds of liquid oxygen storage tank: vertical tank and horizontal tank. We can design and manufacture cryogenic liquid storage tank of different volume and pressure rating except for conventional products.

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