Co2 Tank

Co2 Tank

20 CBM 2.16 Mpa Vertical liquid carbon dioxide tank 1.Name:20M3 2.16Mpa CO2 tank 2 .Filling Medium: LCo2: 3.Total Volume: 21.038m³ Effective Volume: 20m³ 4.Design pressure: 2.27Mpa Operation pressure : 2.16Mpa 5.Overall dimension:φ2500*8760mm 6. Design temperature : - 40℃ 7.Shell material:Outer...

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Product Details

Party A:Products parameters

20CBM 2.16Mpa Vertical liquid carbon dioxide tank     

   1.Name:20M3 2.16Mpa CO2 tank     

   2 .Filling Medium:  LCo2:

   3.Total Volume: 21.038m³              Effective Volume: 20m³  

   4.Design pressure:   2.27Mpa      Operation pressure :   2.16Mpa

   5.Overall dimension:φ2500*8760mm

   6. Design temperature : - 40℃

   7.Shell material:Outer jacket:Q245-R ;      Inner: 16MnDR

    8.Insulation: vacuum powder insulated

    9.Tare weight:  About 11328kg

   10.Filling rate: 0.95

   11.Relief Valve: All valves are high grade Chinese valves.

  12.Delivery date:Within 60 days after received pre-payment,or more shorter time.

  13.Payment model:We can negotiate,we suggest TT,LC.

  14.Documents:Bill of Loading , Invoice, Packing list , Contract (3 originals )

Product quality certification issued by tank manufacturer, tank drawing, calculation sheet and operation instructions etc. for tank.Pressure vessel supervision certificate issued by & Pressure Vessel Supervision Institute in one original for tank.Test report  ( 2 originals , 1 copy)and so on.

Party B:Our company


Xinxiang Chengde Global Trading Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Xinxiang Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.Xinxiang Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (Chengde Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.) was Founded in 2002, Consists of: Xinxiang Chengde Global Trade Co., Ltd. and Xinxiang Jin Cheng Technology Co., Ltd; company is located in Industrial Park,Fengquan district,Xinxiang city,Henan province,China. 


Our company's main products are: cryogenic liquid storage tank, large flat cryogenic liquid storage tank, cryogenic liquid pump, air bath type vaporizer, water bath vaporizer, gas pressure regulating device and non-standard pressure vessel etc. Involved in the liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and other industrial gases equipment engineering; LNG refueling station, LNG vaporizing station complete sets of equipment engineering; recovery of carbon dioxide liquefaction projects in areas such as equipment manufacturing and installation. 


Party C:Our products pictures


As you know,We have more than 14 years of production experience,also have rich exported experience.

 We supply Industrial gas(O2,N2,Ar,CO2,LNG etc) filling stations for foreign market more than10 years.

 Complete gas solutions,can be provided for customers.

 Of course,total package for the filling station can be done by us.

 Including installation,comssioning and start-up etc.


We have agent in Vietnam, South Korea, Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan,Australia, the United States, kazakhstan,also have agent in Iran Cooperate with us,you need not worry about quality and after-sale Service.

 You can check our products in our agent factory,we can also arrange engineer help you solve all products question.


Party D:Foreign customers visit our factory



Many foreign customers visited our factory,some customers stay in our city do filling station test,And they get good answer.

we are big factory,Our biggest advantage:

1.Quality:We guarantee the quality of our products,if you bought our products,whenever you have any question about our products,ps tell us,we will never caused products trouble for any customers.

2. Delivery time:In our factory,There more than 180 pcs tanks in stock.If customers need Conventional models products,Usually we can ship products to customers within 15 days.if your needed products we have not in stock,usually we can ship to you within 60 days.

3.After-sales service:whenever our customers have question,after we received your question,we will give you feedback within 24 hours.we can provide  installation,comssioning and start-up etc service for customers if you need.

4.Price:We are manufacturer,cooperate with us can help you save much money.Some customers do not know manufacturer,they buy products from trading company.will need more money,For new customers,We have a preferential policy.



Party E:Packing and shipping pictures


For packing:We can packing it according to customer requirements.

 For shipment:we have agent forwarder,Can help customers find best freight cost,We suggest customers do business by CIF.




Party F:Our products production pictures 






Party G:Our products certification  

In order to open more international market, we have got all domesticpressure vessel certification, We will get our ASME certification soon.



Party H:Our related products

We can also production these products,if you need,ps contact us dear.

Once we know your project,we can give you more better more professional suggestion.

Our factory have more than 14 years of production experience,but our engineer have more than 38 years of experience.


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cryogenic tank  (44).jpg


LCO2 storage tank

Cryogenic LOX/LN2/LAr storage tank






LPG storage tank

ISO tank




pressure regulating installation

Large cryogenic liquid storage tank


Equipped with one of the leading CNCD hot sales liquid co2 tank brands, it is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality CE certification hot sales liquid co2 tank. Please feel free to wholesale products from our factory and company.

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