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Chengde company history

In 2002, Xinxiang Chengde Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2004, Chengde company began to produce cryogenic pumps, ambient vaporizer and other related supporting equipment;

In 2005, Chengde entered the Kaifeng air separation market in China's three major air separation bases;

In 2006, Chengde Company relocated to Gaowan Industrial Zone of Xinxiang City, marking the beginning of the scale of production-oriented enterprises;

In 2009, A2 pressure vessel manufacturing license was obtained, and Chengde Company began to produce its own cryogenic liquid storage tank;

In 2010, the company's pressure vessel design license, from which we can design our own cryogenic storage tank;

In 2012, it obtained pressure pipeline design licenses and pressure pipeline installation licenses;

In 2013, Chengde company moved to Industrial Park, Fengquan District ;

In 2014, Chengde Company established the Ministry of Foreign Trade;

In 2015, the company's foreign trade business entered the Vietnam market, which marked the improvement in the quality of our company foreign trade performance;

In 2016, Xinxiang Chengde Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. was renamed as Xinxiang Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.; in order to expand the external market, the company established Xinxiang Chengde Global Trading Co., Ltd. In the same year;

In 2017, Chengde Company completed the second production plant area, obtained the ASME certificate, established Xinxiang City Jincheng Technology Co., Ltd., and in the same year;

In 2018, the company vigorously developed large-scale flat bottom storage tanks, ISO tank containers and other markets; 

In the future we are working hard,we will win a better tomorrow.