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Company Annual Meeting
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Happy old age, laughter welcomes the New Year. On the afternoon of January 25, 2019, Xinxiang City Chengde Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. 2018 annual meeting and 2019 New Year group meeting was held in Xinxiang Xiyan Building. All employees of Chengde gathered together to welcome the new year.



At the beginning of the party, the general manager of the company, Xiang Wenli, extended cordial greetings and wonderful New Year wishes to all the staff. At the same time, he also fully affirmed the company's achievements in 2018 and encouraged all employees of the company to achieve more brilliant achievements in 2019. 


At the meeting, outstanding members of 2018, outstanding trade union members, outstanding students of Chengde, outstanding lecturers of Chengde, outstanding dean of Chengde, innovation award, excellent recommendation award, safety star, dedication award, excellent staff, excellent team, excellent team Long, excellent managers, excellent departments, team contribution awards, etc. were awarded.



The staff carefully prepared dances, songs, chorus and other fascinating performances. The production department staff sang a large chorus of "People paddling the big ship". The enthusiasm was sung in the venue, and everyone devoted themselves to presenting the joyful feast of Chengde. As the rounds of sweepstakes continue to ignite the climax of the annual meeting, the company's leaders interact with employees and conduct sweepstakes. The wonderful performances made the singing, applause and cheers always swaying at the venue.


 The entire annual meeting was successfully concluded in a warm, harmonious and joyful atmosphere. In order to realize Chengde’s 100-year-old as soon as possible, let us all work together and look forward to the future and the future of Chengde will be more beautiful and brilliant.

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